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How to Create a sponsored link for your content ?
How to Create a sponsored link for your content ?

Learn how to create sponsored links in Plezi to easily track your promotional campaigns.

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What is the "sponsored link" feature on Plezi and what is it for?

On Plezi, you have the possibility to have a "UTM Builder" via the "sponsored link" feature: this will allow you to create a link with the UTMs of your choice, and will help you for paid campaigns by linking to your content (often a landing page).

Plezi gives you the opportunity to create a sponsored link in the "Promotion" tab of each content:

Ok, how do I create this?

In the "Promotion" tab, find the "Sponsored Links" section at the bottom right and click on "+", then this window will open:

Here, the steps are relatively simple, but let us guide you 😃

  1. Give your CTA a title and description to easily identify it;

  2. The medium and source are not mandatory, but you can fill them in if you want to push the content via a particular lever ;

  3. For the campaign and the content, you can put the UTM of your choice on the link that will be generated. We recommend to put the same UTM of the campaign and to put the name of the content, it will allow you to better follow the results of the CTA. If you don't add one, Plezi will do it automatically;

  4. Finish by selecting the landing page you want to link to, then create the campaign.

  5. Finally, click on the magnifying glass icon to retrieve the link to use in your campaigns to track where your visitors are coming from!

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