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The CTA Button to promote your content
The CTA Button to promote your content

How to easily and visually promote your content?

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What is a CTA (Call to Action) and what does it do?

A CTA on Plezi is a button that will allow you to make your content more visible, either as an image or as a banner!

Plezi allows you to customize your CTA button in the "Promotion" tab of each content:

How can I use it?

As mentioned above, the CTA is used to push your different contents. We leave it up to you to decide how to use it, but to inspire you, we use it this way at Plezi: on this article, you can see the CTA that links to the Churchill client case.

We recommend that you promote your content in the form of banners in the middle of an article, for example. Not only will it help you put a link button to the content of your choice, but you will also have a nice button that makes people want to click on it!

Ok, so how do we create one?

In the "Promotion" tab, find the "CTA" section on the bottom left and click "+", then this window will open:

Here, the steps are relatively simple, but let us guide you 😃

  1. Give your CTA a title and a description to easily identify it ;

  2. Upload an image file: this is the shape your button will take. You must create the visual;

  3. The medium and source are not mandatory, but you can fill them in if you want to push the content via a particular lever;

  4. For the campaign and the content, you can put the UTM of your choice on the link that will be generated. We recommend to put the same UTM of the campaign and to put the name of the content, it will allow you to better follow the results of the CTA. If you don't add one, Plezi will do it automatically;

  5. Finish by filling in the destination by filling in the external URL to promote or by publishing your landing page;

  6. Click on "Create", then go and get the HTML link of your CTA button by clicking on the corresponding magnifying glass. You will have to place the HTML directly on your site to display the button, and that's it 😉

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