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How to export your content for more accurate statistics?
How to export your content for more accurate statistics?

How to organize your different statistics of visits, leads and downloads by content and by date? This is the place to do it!

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You may have seen this new little "Export" button on your content page?

As written, this button finally answers your need to export Plezi content in Excel format 😀

Why? Several reasons:

  • Keep track of all the content that's on your Plezi --> don't lose a track of what's going on!

  • But most importantly! You will be able to have more accurate and dated statistics 😁

Let's explain: you only want the data of your content from August 1 to September 30, without taking into account the other dates? It's possible, no more need to rush to make the stats at the end of each month and go through many calculations to get what you're looking for!

What do we find in this export ?

The creation date, title, description, type, URL, number of visits, downloads and leads, phase, scoring and much more!

Ok cool, and how do we do it? 4 easy steps!

  1. Select the export criteria:

2. Push the Button!

3. Enter the dates you are interested in and click on "Export":

4. Patience! It will soon arrive in your mailbox :)

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Please note that the more content you have to export, the longer the wait time will be, but it's coming 😉

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