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Where does the role of Plezi employees end?
Where does the role of Plezi employees end?

Our devs are superheroes, your chat partners too :) Do their powers have limits ?

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I'll tell you the end of the story right now: yes, even Plezi's superheroes have limited powers.

And that's for the purpose of doing you a favor.

Does this surprise you? But then again... If our superhero devs have decided to limit their powers to the use of the tool they have created, it is because they want to make it perfect, surprising, complete... in short: perfect.

And to do that, they need to focus on this task.

🚀 Their role is to develop Plezi.

Your chat contacts are Plezi experts. They have mastered it, are able to redesign it with their eyes closed and quote the contact list options by heart.

And because they're so good, they also know a lot about the marketing tools you use, inbound best practices, photography & electronic music.

But if they start to explain you how photoshop works, they will quickly get stuck. And that's normal, photoshop has its own CSM.

Besides, chat is not a suitable place for more "strategic" discussions, which require taking time to understand your specifics.

🚀 Their role is to answer you about Plezi features & uses.

Our CSs, who accompany you, are marketing experts. Their digital vision allows them to address all the strategic topics that will allow you to succeed in your mission: predictive marketing, sales/marketers link, content topics...

But they will never replace an agency & cannot analyze your strategy & results for you.

🚀 Their role is to help you ask the right questions & share best practices from Plezi clients.

But then, where does the role of Plezians end?

It's quite simple: in Plezi :)

Here are some examples:

  • If you want to link Plezi to a SumoMe through Zapier and it doesn't work on the SumoMe side... your contact is SumoMe ;

  • If you want to track your conversion in GA & you don't know how to insert a conversion pixel: your contact is your web agency;

  • If your connector does not work because of missing fields in your CRM, your contact is the person in charge of the CRM;

  • If you want to optimize your conversion and you don't know where to start: your contact is your CS. He will help you ask the right questions.

But if you want to change everything on your website, your contact is a marketing agency :)

In short, we're Plezi experts... who love to put you in touch with other experts!

Who would go to a pneumologist for a foot pain? Your wish is exactly the same: to be in front of experts of the tool you use.

And that's us!

But your marketing issues obviously go beyond the framework of a tool. That's why we've created an annual cycle of 25 webinars 🎬 to share inbound best practices with you & a user club ⚡️ meeting 6 times a year so you can get your head out of the game and confront your counterparts' solutions!

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