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How do I send Plezi content requests to other tools with Zapier?
How do I send Plezi content requests to other tools with Zapier?

I want each new contact requesting content A to be recorded in a Google Spreadsheet (or another tool).

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  • Creating a Zapier account only takes a few minutes. For less than 5 zaps, the free version is enough. Otherwise, take a look at their offers.  

  • Since March 2019, Plezi, used as a TRIGGER, allows you to send contacts that have made requests for specific content: 

Here are some examples of zaps that we’ve thought about (although we’re sure you’ll have plenty of other ideas):

  • you’re sharing a partner’s white paper on your website and want to send them leads in real time (in a Google Spreadsheet or any other tool, maybe even their Plezi account?! )

  • you want to store contact/demo requests etc. in sharable tables with your sales team;

  • you’re conducting a sponsored campaign to promote your star content and want to exclude from your audience contacts that have already requested it; 

  • you’re offering free trials and want to take advantage of Plezi forms, all while alternating requests in an access-generation process. 

Here’s how to use this trigger, with a simple example:

Step-by-Step: saving contacts who download my white paper on a Google Spreadsheet 

To do this: have you created... 

  • your Plezi content (an e-book here)? 

  • a Google Spreadsheet with the information to gather? 

1.Click on “Make a zap”;

2. Give your zap a name (in the top left); 

Start with the TRIGGER: 

3. Choose the Plezi app;

4. Choose your trigger: Contacts by Content Downloaded

5. Select your Plezi instance.

If this is your first zap with Plezi, you need to enter:

  • your Plezi API key

  • and the exact name of your instance (on the grey bar at the top of you Plezi page)

6. In “Edit Option” highlight the content for which you want to extract the contacts:

7. You can test the presence of a contact in your Plezi account (this is purely advisory!) ;

All good? So now you move on to the ACTION:

8. Select Google SpreadSheets; 

9. Select the action that you want to carry out. In this case: Create Spreadsheet Row;

10. Select/add your Google account; 

11. In “Edit template":

  • Select the spreadsheet and column in which you want to fill in your contacts’ data;

  • match the columns in your spreadsheet with your Plezi fields;

The idea is not to may everything. Choose the fields that are worth being sent to your partner.  

12. Once validated, Zapier summarises your zap and allows you send a test contact to your spreadsheet (this time it’s for real!). 

This allows you to check that everything runs smoothly in your spreadsheet, for this contact only. 

Is that all? WELL DONE! 

Now all you need to do is select a folder in which to save your Zap and to activate it using the “on/off” button. 

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