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How do I customise the unsubscribe page?
How do I customise the unsubscribe page?

Add your logo and the subscriptions (newsletter or other) you wish to display

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The subscription management page is the page that your caller lands on when they click on the unsubscribe link.

When they click on the link, they are taken to a page containing

  • A logo

  • A list of your subscriptions, which you can modify here

  • Consent information

  • The possibility to unsubscribe from all your communications

Since our March 2019 update, you have the option to display your logo on this page

To do this, go to the Plezi configuration, and add your logo.

This would give something similar to the following:

Hide a subscription so that it does not appear on the subscription management page

Subscriptions allow you to create a mailing list to which your contacts subscribe: the most classic example is your newsletter.

But you can also have mailing lists to manage invitations to an event, a release note, etc.

However, you may not want your contacts to see the lists you use to organise yourself internally!

To do this, you can choose not to display certain subscriptions (or mailing lists) on the management page by going to the edition of your subscription, and unchecking the box "Display this subscription on the unsubscribe page".

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