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How do I send my Plezi leads to my CRM via Zapier
How do I send my Plezi leads to my CRM via Zapier

Understanding how to send my Plezi leads to my CRM via Zapier. Steps of an example: forwarding my hot leads to SalesForce

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  • Zapier allows you to send your contacts in one direction: from Plezi to you CRM.

  • Here is the list of all CRMs available on Zapier. The main ones: Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Base, Sugar, Microsoft Dynamics, Sellsy, HubSpot CRM...

  • Creating a Zapier account only takes a few minutes. For less than 5 zaps, the free version is enough. Otherwise, take a look at their offers

Why send my Plezi leads to my CRM? 

This is all about your approach to inbound marketing!  
Plezi sits upstream of your CRM: you generate leads via your forms and sends them to your CRM once you think they are ready to be managed by your sales team. 

Have a think about what you want to send, from among the options available on Zapier: 

  • All contacts created in Plezi? (new contact

  • Those who ask to be contacted by a sales rep? (contacts by content downloaded)

  • Those who have reached a high enough score? (contact score changed

  • Those for whom you have changed the Plezi status to “Send to sell”? (contact status changed

  • Those who have filled in a particular field in a form e.g. I want to be contacted by a member of the sales team?  (contact changed) 

We recommend that you use “contact score changed” to send warm leads to your CRM, meaning, that they have exceeded a certain score. This is when we tend to send leads here at Plezi.  

Step-by-step : sending warm leads chauds to my CRM 

Here’s how to make a zap from Plezi, using the example of Salesforce, which we use at Plezi.  

1.Click on “Make a zap”;

2. Give your zap a name (in the top left); 

Start with the TRIGGER: 

3. Choose the Plezi app;

4. Choose your trigger: Contact score changed 

5. Select your Plezi instance.

If this is your first zap with Plezi, you need to enter:

  • your Plezi API key (to find it, take a look here

  • and the exact name of your instance (on the grey horizontal bar at the top of you Plezi page)

6. Enter the minimum score for sending your leads; 

7. You can test the presence of a contact >20 points in your Plezi account (this is purely advisory!)  ;

All good? So now you move on to the ACTION:

8. Choose your CRM; 

9. Select the action that you want to carry out in your CRM, for example: Create lead. 

Note:  CRMs all have different architecture and offer you different actions. The idea is to land your leads right where you want them :) 

10. Select your CRM account;

If this is your first zap with this CRM, you must enter the login details. 

11. Carry out your mapping so that your Plezi fields and those of your CRM match up. 

The idea is not to may everything. Choose the fields that are worth being sent to your sales team. 

Note: Each CRM requires one or more mandatory fields filled in.  For example, for Salesforce, the name and company. 

12. Once validated, Zapier summarises your zap and allows you send a test contact to your CRM (this time it’s for real!). 

This allows you to check that everything runs smoothly in your CRM, for this contact only. 

Is that all? WELL DONE! 

Now all you need to do is select a folder in which to save your Zap and to activate it using the “on/off” button. 

More info: 

  • If you want to connect Plezi and your CRM in both directions, this option is available directly in your Plezi account, upon request (Salesforce, Pipedrive, Zoho, Sugar CRM, SAP C4C). Contact your CSM team to find out more.  

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