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My Landing Page is taking a while to load, why?
My Landing Page is taking a while to load, why?

Your screen is blank and your landing page arrives after a few seconds? Don't panic, we have the solution for you!

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You’ve worked hard to create the perfect Landing Page, and have finally published it.... well done! But when you go to the Landing Page, it loads very slowly! You refresh the page and nothing happens. This is what you have to do to resolve this issue.

The solution: empty your browser’s cache

The cache is an area in your browser where data is stored, allowing your browser - when you visit a page regularly - to not have to load the images and other content each time you visit it.  

As you may have realised, when you navigate a site regularly, the cache stores more and more data, and this can increase the loading time of certain pages, including that of your Landing Page. 

You therefore need to empty it so that it loads faster.

Be aware that if the Landing Page takes a while to load where you are, this may not be the case for visitors to your site...
==> To check this, go to the URL of your Landing Page in a private browser. It should load much more quickly. 

To find out how to empty your browser’s cache 

Follow these steps, depending on the browser used:

This should resolve your concerns about loading! 

If the problem persists, contact us on chat.

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