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Email campaign: Understanding click-mapping
Email campaign: Understanding click-mapping

Email campaign: understand click mapping! You have sent a campaign and want to understand everything? Explanations in 2 minutes.

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In Plezi: 

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Warm and cold zones

When you get to this mapping page, you’ll see the cumulative click statistics: the aim is to help you identify which areas have been clicked the most.
 This is a great way to see if it is more sensible to put the link in the banner, in a CTA or in a word in your text.

It’s therefore normal for the total clicks to be different to those of your statistics page, which summarises unique opens/clicks. A contact may have clicked several times and in several places.


The total email clicks are of course out of 100% This takes into account cancelled subscriptions (this is an overview).

 The added bonus: 

Each of these figures will bring up the list of contacts who have clicked on this area of the email.

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