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How do I test my workflow internally?
How do I test my workflow internally?

Your workflow is ready and you want to test it on internal mailboxes before sending it to your contacts.

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Prerequisite :

  • Your workflow is ready

  • It is intended for "Current and future contacts" or "Current contacts only".

If your workflow is a bit complicated, it may be worth testing it to make sure that everything is in order.

The method

You will restrict the chosen mailing list by putting only your / your collaborators' addresses on it. Once published, you will receive the emails in your mailboxes and test the conditions. Once tested and validated, you will only have to place the real conditions of your target in the list. The contacts added to the list will in turn enter the workflow.

The steps

1. Include yourself in the contact list

  • Include one or more email addresses that will test your workflow.

  • If you want your test to be complete, add at least as many contacts as there are conditions to test.

E.g. If you have an open email vs. unopened email condition on an email:

  • One mailbox will open the email

  • while the other mailbox will do nothing.

2. Shorten the timeframe

Presumably you don't want to keep your tests going for weeks! 😅So shorten all deadlines. ⚠️ Minimum time limit: 20 minutes to give Plezi time to complete all the consecutive tasks within the time limit.

3. Publish your workflow

It will go to the contacts currently in your list = you :)

4. Test your workflow

Test the workflow emails in the mailboxes. Be well coordinated in testing roles e.g. one checking for opening, the other for downloading, etc.

It's not good 👎 ? Check your workflow and consult us on the chat if you still don't understand. Please note, allow 30 minutes of delay before you see all your statistics appearingIs it all good 👍 ? All that's left to do is share it with your contacts.

5. Set the right deadlines

As a reminder, we recommend that you allow for delays of at least 3 days, ideally 7 when the condition that follows is a download; this is to give your contacts time to react to your emails.

6. Set the final conditions

Add all the conditions within the same start list.

When your list is updated, the contacts corresponding to the corrections will enter your workflow in turn. 🎉

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