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Why and how to redirect my leads to thank you pages?
Why and how to redirect my leads to thank you pages?

Lorsqu'un contact soumet un formulaire, je souhaite le rediriger vers une page de remerciement.

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After submitting a form, Plezi will offer you :

  • either to replace the form with a thank you message ;

  • or to redirect your contacts to a new URL: this is where you talk to us about thank you pages.

Why have thank you pages?

Redirecting your forms to a thank you page allows your leads to continue their visit to your site, and therefore :

  • increase the number of pages viewed per session;

  • learn more about their behaviour;

  • to move them further along your conversion tunnel, by redirecting them :

Ex 1. to your blog --> which will be able to answer their questions

Ex 2. to your product pages --> which will present them with your offers

Ex 3. to your promotional pages --> which will push them to make a quicker decision

Another great advantage: creating one or more thank you pages will allow you to track the performance of your site's URLs, in terms of conversion, on Google Analytics. More explanations in this article.

Which thank you page(s) should I create?

At Plezi, most of our forms lead to thank you pages. They have been designed by content type / by objective.

Ex 1. following a demo request ==> provision of customer cases (thank-you/demo)

Ex 2. following registration for a webinar: access to replays of past webinars (thank-you/webinar)

Ex 3. following download of an e-book: redirection to our offers (thank-you/e-book)

Ex 4. any other content request: redirection to the blog (thank-you/global)

Think carefully about the types of thank-you pages you are considering for your content.

Tip: you can start with a general thank you page. You can come back to the architecture of new specific thank you pages when your objectives are clearer.

What should I include in my thank you pages?

On a thank you page, we advise you to have at least :

  • A thank you message at the beginning of the page, to make the transition between the form submitted at the previous stage and the landing on this new URL;

  • The new proposal you are making on this URL: an invitation to visit your blog, etc.

All you have to do is create and publish your thank you pages within your CMS, then indicate the corresponding URL in your form templates:

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