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FAQ: What is the point of associating content to my workflow email?
FAQ: What is the point of associating content to my workflow email?

Useful if you don’t want to push content to the same contact as part of your intelligent campaign.

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Before answering the question, let’s go back over the basics…

The intelligent campaign will never suggest an email for which the associated content will have already been downloaded by the contact.

Need to go back over the basics of how an intelligent campaign works? Take a look here!

In your workflow, if you push content: you surely don’t want to send it to a contact that has already downloaded it in the past.

We explain how to avoid doing this in this FAQ article.

So, what does the “Associated content” field do in my email workflow?

By associating the name of a piece of content to your workflow email, you’re asking the Plezi intelligent campaign not to offer it a second time in future.

To recap, a contact receives a workflow email suggesting that they download a piece of content.

  • If they download it: whatever happens, this content will not be offered to them in the intelligent campaign.See how an intelligent campaign works

  • If they don’t download it: you can assume that they are therefore not interested in the content and so you don’t want to re-offer it to them as part of an intelligent campaign. In this case, make sure you indicate the associated content in the dedicated window. See screenshot above


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