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I want to send several newsletters and make an automatic choice between articles depending on their themes/languages.

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  • E.g. 1. to have one newsletter in English and one in Franch 

  • E.g. 2. to have one newsletter for prospects and one for clients 

  • E.g. 3. to have one newsletter addressed to the "sales" persona, and one to the "marketing" persona

In this case, you’re completely free to create several newsletters in Plezi in order to have: 

  • Separate email information (subject, sender etc.)

  • Your newsletter text adapted to their target audience (English for English-speaking contacts etc.) 

  • Blog content selected according to their tags (so that a French article doesn’t end up in an English-speaking newsletter!) 

To do this, go to your automated-newsletter editor and:  
1.Double-click on your blog block;
2.Choose the tag to restrict the selection of articles to a single tag in your content;

And that’s it! 

More tips: 

  • We still offer you the option of having a single newsletter and to choose the rule for selecting articles: 

The difference is that you can now have several newsletters, with a text, a charter and a very distinct target audience :)

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