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Google Tag Manager: how to place it on my landing pages?
Google Tag Manager: how to place it on my landing pages?

You want to monitor the conversion of your landing pages during your marketing campaigns.

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GTM's interface allows you to manage a whole range of external scripts on your site, without having to ask your developers (once the tag is placed, of course).

On your Plezi landing page, it's a bit the same thing. We now offer you to add your GTM in Plezi, in order to better drive your conversion campaigns on your landing pages. You will be able to take advantage of the LinkedIn Insight Tag, Twitter Tracking Pixel, Facebook Pixel, Adwords Tracking and Google Analytics scripts... In short, anything you add. An example from us:

To add your GTM to your Plezi landing page, two steps:

1. Add your GTM code in your Plezi configuration

In the Configuration > Plezi Configuration tab, add your GTM code:

The ID of your container is located on Tag Manager in your workspace. at the top of your GTM interface. It is in the form "GTM-XXXXX".

2. Select your GTM on your landing pages

Now that your GTM is configured in Plezi, all that remains is to embed it on the landing pages of your choice, by selecting it in the first tab of your editor.

Good to know!

  • Important : If you had already placed a Google Analytics HTML code on your site, you must delete it, otherwise the script will appear twice (your script + GTM) and this will completely distort your results

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