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What should I think about when redesigning my website?
What should I think about when redesigning my website?

Questions to ask yourself, feedback from our Happiness team, here are some tips to keep in mind!

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It's decided, you're going for a brand new, beautiful and fully inbound optimised website. We have listed the steps for a successful redesign:

1. Prepare yourself

Do an audit

  • Go to your Google Analytics > Audience > User flows

  • Then analyse the navigation of these visitors>> This information will allow you to identify the pages on which you should concentrate your efforts.

Take stock of your brand image

  • Identify the purpose of the website

  • Pay attention to your referencing>> If you have pages that are already well referenced, and that position you on keywords that seem relevant to you ⇒ Touch them as little as possible>> Only change the URL's if there is a real interest.

  • And plan for redirects

2. Work on your ergonomics

Identify the pages to be created

  • Those that are missing from your website

Plan your internal linkage

  • To facilitate navigation, provide links (clickable links!) between the different pages of your website

Work on your menu

  • Use the data from your audit on the most visited pages

>> Good practices

  • 5 main entries, corresponding to your most important pages

  • For the rest, use sub-tabs

  • Pay attention to the depth of the website: no more than three "floors".

The content of the website

  • Work on the writing of your texts

  • Then optimise your pages


  • Take care of your graphic charter >> It determines your image: the graphic charter must be the same throughout the website

  • Make your design light

  • Choose quality photos

3. What about Plezi?

  • Redesign or name change? In this 2nd case, you will have to modify your DNS. Allow a little time (48h min).

  • Keep in mind that the forms are done in Plezi and not directly in the website

  • Think about redirects if you redirect to a URL that no longer exists (after submitting a form, for example)

  • If you are upgrading your blog, note that the URLs of your articles cannot end with a "/" => Plezi automatically removes it to avoid duplicate articles.

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