How do I badge pages on my site?

Badge one or more pages of your site to identify future visitors :)

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Plezi allows you to badge pages on your site that show interest from your leads, for example a price request page, demo page, etc. Go to this page (Configuration --> Badges)!

What this will allow you to do in Plezi:

  • You will be able to score the visitors identified on the page;

  • You will be able to easily identify the badges of your leads on their contact sheet;

  • You will be able to create a smartlist of identified contacts who have visited this page and direct your marketing actions accordingly.

Steps to badge a page :

  1. Go to Configuration > Badges ;

  2. Click on "+ BADGE".

  3. Give it a name, its URL (present on your site), an icon

  4. Here you can give it points for visiting this page.

  5. Click on "Create".

That's it, your page is badged!

Extra tips :

  • Be careful not to over-score a visit, even if it means setting a score of 0 and coming back to the number of points later once your scoring scale has been established. At Plezi, we recommend awarding a maximum of 1 or 2 points to pages that show significant interest!

  • As a reminder, we generally recommend allocating 5 points for downloading discovery content. A visit to a page on your site, logically, should be scored less highly than a download involving a contact exchange.

  • The number of 'HITS' indicated in the badge table corresponds to the number of visits made to this page (all visitors included, whether identified or not)

To list the people who have visited a badge page, go to Marketing > Contact Lists, and select the condition "Tracking > The badge is > abc".

Good to know!

  • Logically, only the pages where your tracking script is present can be badged.

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