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How do I delete contacts?
How do I delete contacts?

All of them, the "not found at this address,” my opt-outs or even just a few of them => how do I clean my database?

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1. To delete moved (aka NPAI)  and/or Opt-outs contacts 

Go to Plezi’s Configuration > “Contacts” tab
Select which contacts you want to delete and that’s it!

2. To delete all your contacts or just some of them

a. Go to Marketing > Contact list

b. Create a contact list that includes all of your contacts or those you want to delete (identify their common features).
c. Once you have created the list (this may take a few minutes), return to all of the smartlists and click on "Actions". You can then choose to delete the “contacts in the list”. 

3. How do I delete a contact list?

  1. Click on the three small dots to the right of the list; 

  2. Click on “Delete the list”. 

A confirmation pop-up will appear to confirm your request.  

Note: This will delete your contact list....but don’t panic! The contacts included in this list will stay in your Plezi contacts database. 

  • Can’t delete your contact list? This may be because the list is being used for a scheduled delivery (email campaign, workflow, newsletter) 

Tips and Tricks

  • Deleting contacts is irreversible & can take up to 1/2 day to take effect: each deletion requires us to go and check (automatically, I can reassure you) the contacts, content, automation, smartlists etc. 

  • If the contacts that you have deleted reappear in your Plezi account (via a form, your linked CRM, a new import etc.), new contact records will be created, as if Plezi recognised these people for the very first time. 

  • Tip: When you look at your reports, it may spot a difference, as if leads had disappeared. This is normal. If leads were “not found at this address” or were Opt-outs, they are no longer in your Plezi account, and therefore not on your future reports! Elementary, my dear Watson!‍♀️ 

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