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How do I index my landing page?
How do I index my landing page?

How do I rank my landing page? I want my Plezi landing page to be listed on search engines. Here are the two steps to follow!

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To index your landing page and make it visible to search engines:

  1. First of all, consider indexing it by ticking the box “Page indexed by search engines” in your editor:

This step is essential for allowing bots to access it, but this doesn’t index the page automatically.

There are then two ways to index the page:

  • 2.a. By placing the URL somewhere online (for example, on your website, in a CTA or in a text). This is what will allow bots to create a path to this URL.

NB. Sharing the URL in a post on social networks or in an email campaign is not enough because, by default, these URLs are configured with a “no follow” tag which prevents search engines from accessing them.

  • 2.b. To index a landing page manually without waiting for the URL to be published online, don’t hesitate to request this on the Google Search Console, by following these instructions.

Tips and Tricks

  • To see if your landing page has been indexed by Google, search site: followed by the page’s URL.

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