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On which social network/campaign will my landing page convert best?
On which social network/campaign will my landing page convert best?

There is a technique to differentiating the conversion results of your Plezi content, depending on which promotional channel you use.

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You have created e-book content and associated it with a landing page. This landing page will be helpful for SEO, so don’t forget to index it!

If you plan on promoting this landing page on social networks or via a paid campaign, we recommend that you duplicate this landing page. This will allow you to monitor the landing page’s conversion rates for each acquisition channel. 

For example: promoting your landing page on Facebook 

You want to promote your “How do I implement my inbound marketing strategy” landing page on Facebook. Leave this landing page to one side and create a copy of it. This is what will allow you to compare the results. Here are the steps: 

  1. Within the Publication tab in your content, create a new landing page; 

2. Give it a name to distinguish it from the main landing page, for example: “How do I implement my inbound marketing strategy - Facebook”; 

3. Copy the existing landing page by choosing it from the section “From existing landing page”;

4. Once created, save and publish this landing page, this time WITHOUT indexing it with search engines. This will prevent you from being penalised. Duplicate content is the enemy of SEO!

5. Et voilà! All you have to do now is use the URL of this landing page when preparing your Facebook post. 

You can then consult the results per channel: 

  • in the publication tab of your content;

  • and in the Plezi report Conversion per landing page. 

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