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Learn all about how the "email" condition works in workflows.

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What is an email condition?

The condition of the email type conditions the rest of the workflow according to the behaviour on an email (reception/opening/click)

All available events are, in ascending order of commitment:

  • Received

  • Did not receive

  • Has opened

  • Did not open

  • Clicked

  • Did not click

When to use the event element of an email?

When you want to condition a series of actions in your workflow according to whether your contacts have generated such and such an event for one of your automation emails.


I share an email presenting my new white paper (send email action) and I wait two days (delay action).

  • To my prospects who clicked on the link to my landing page (email event condition), I want to attach a form event condition to catch up with those who didn't download my white paper and thank the others.

  • To my prospects who didn't open the email (email event condition) I want to send another email (send email action).

How does the event element of an email work?

  • Place the send email block in your workflow;

  • Select the email for which the element will "listen" for events;

  • Prepare the next action on your workflow;

  • Link the condition to the next element;

  • Select the event that conditions the contact to move to the next event.

Good to know!

  • Only emails sent from your workflow via email elements can be selected in this condition.

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