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Learn all about how the "form" condition works in workflows.

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What is it?

The form condition conditions the rest of the workflow based on the behaviour of contacts on a form:

  • submitted

  • not submitted

When to use it?

When you want to condition a sequence of actions in your workflow according to whether your contacts have submitted one of your forms or not.

For example :

Following the sending of an email inviting to download my white paper (email sending), I wait two days (delay).

  • If my contact has submitted the form to download my white paper (form event), two days later (delay); I send them an email to ask them what they thought of my white paper (email send).

  • If not, I send them a reminder (send email action)

How do I use it?

  • Place the send email block in your workflow;

  • Select the form for which the element will "listen" for events;

  • Finally, don't forget to link the send email action to the successive element.

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