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Learn all about how the "contact list" action works in workflows.

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What is this?

The Eject Contact action ensures that if a contact has passed through this node, it will never enter the workflow again.

How do you use it?

  1. Place the output block in your workflow, usually after a condition and a delay;

  2. Link the deadline to your output

When should I eject my contacts from my workflow?

It is useful to eject a contact from the workflow when:

  • The goal of the workflow is reached for this contact;

Example: the contact has submitted a form just proposed (after a delay) or already in the past

  • The contact is no longer qualified to remain in the workflow.

Example: after a two-day delay following a submission, the contact has not opened an email

Good to know!

  • We advise you not to eject a contact directly after a condition, as this would not give them time to complete the previous action. Remember to allow a delay before the contacts are removed.

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