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What should I do or check before launching my campaign?
What should I do or check before launching my campaign?

The complete checklist to get your campaign off to a perfect start: opening links, unsubscribe link, image, merge fields...

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  • Your DNSs have been configured correctly and we have validated them; 

  • You have created your next email campaign and feel ready to send it. 

There are several elements to check before launching your email campaign, in order to ensure optimal delivery, optimise its visual appeal etc. We have put these in the form of a six-point checklist. 

No. 1: the links and option to unsubscribe are clearly visible in my email 

These blocks below are present by default in your email-campaign templates, but it may be that you have accidentally deleted them. Make sure you have them so you don’t annoy anyone:

  • HTML Version block, in the header, with a text along the lines of “Open in my browser” and redirected to the {{browser_url}} 

  • Unsubscribe block in the footer with a text along the lines of “Unsubscribe” and redirected to the {{unsubscribe_url}}

You’re free to rewrite these texts, but make sure you don’t delete the redirections, which you’ll see when you double-click on the text:

To find out more about how these links work, take a look at this article. You can also place a text before “Open in my browser” so that this doesn’t appear first in the e-mail, as below. Take a look here to discover the technique 

No. 2: all my images have an alt text

Add an alt text to all logos, backgrounds, social media icons, banners and CTAs in your email. This will help to optimise their delivery and makes sure that customers who can’t view certain images understand the email. 

No.3 all URLs work and correspond properly to each other

The idea is to have: 

  • all links that start well with an https:// or an http:// ;

  • no broken links; 

  • URLs that correspond clearly to what you want (link to your LinkedIn page on the LinkedIn icon etc.)

No. 4: my email has more text than it does images

Allow for enough text (>60%) so you don’t get taken for a spammer. 

No. 5: my email displays correctly following my different tests

Send yourself test emails. Is the result not how you imaged?

No. 6: my merge fields are working properly

Does your email have merge fields?  E.g. Hello {{contact_first_name}} In this case, make sure that your contacts complete this field, otherwise Plezi will replace this field with a space (explanations here). You can also test the merge fields for a contact of your choice, here: 

All good? All you have to do now is launch your campaign! 

Tips and Tricks! 

  • To ensure fully optimal delivery, use a tool like mail-tester;

  • And to see what the email will look like on different tools etc. we recommend Litmus

  • Don’t forget to save certain blocks in your favourites in order to find them easily next time ;)

  • ⛔ You are not permitted to send a video or form as part of your email campaign! 

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