Sometimes a simple special character can break your RSS feed. Don't panic, there is a tool to validate your feed. If your feed is not formatted correctly, the tool will tell you the errors in your RSS feed.

Here we go, go here to validate your feed.

Enter the url of your feed in the dedicated bar. Three possible cases :

  1. You get the following screen, it's all good on your feed side! If your problem persists, contact us.

2. Your RSS feed is valid but contains errors. It is not a problem for us to read your RSS feed, contact us.

3. Your RSS feed is not valid, you need to correct the errors reported by the validator before integrating your feed back into Plezi.

If your feed is valid, have you checked if your blog article did not have the same name as one of your contents?

Indeed, if your content has the same name as an article, it will prevent your article from being uploaded again.

In these cases, you just have to change the name of your content, save it and refresh the synchronization of your RSS feed.

Tips & Tricks

An RSS feed is composed of elements, called <items>. When adding the RSS feed, Plezi retrieves: <title> , <link> , <pubDate> and <description> . NB: the first 3 are mandatory.

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