Hiding a field will allow you to automatically qualify your contacts, and thus better segment your database.
Ex: I have different offers and I want to know which one interests my visitor. By hiding a field that goes back to the name of the offer for which he filled in the form, I will be able to segment my database for my next mailings. 

❗️Attention, with the hidden fields are a configuration of your Plezi that is specific to you. With Plezi updates, the configuration of your hidden fields may be affected. Make sure you check that your configuration is working properly after the updates.

Hiding a field and pre-filling it

  1. Go to your form template and add the desired field in the "default" fields;

Here we use the "interest" field.

2. Click in the "options" of this field :

> Copy the "technical name" of the field and reserve it (in our example, it's "interests");

> Uncheck the "visible" option;

3. Create your content & add your form in the "Publication" tab;

4. Take the identification key of the value to be indicated
Go to Settings > Value list and copy it.

5. In the "Online" tab, copy your script and paste it into your CMS. Then add the parameters of your hidden field :

Tips & Tricks!

If your hidden field is of the type "text on one line" or "dropdown list", the parameter to insert in the tracking script is &Field=Value;
If your hidden field is of the "multiple selection" type, the parameter to insert in the tracking script is &Field[]=Value ;
Uppercase, lowercase, all counts: don't change anything.
Do you want this field to be filled in dynamically? Follow our more specific article :)

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