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Why inserting a form in an email is a (very) bad idea?
Why inserting a form in an email is a (very) bad idea?

Redirecting the contacts of your campaign to a landing page is much better! You can read more here.

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Inserting a form in an email campaign is bad practice, particularly for reasons of :

  • deliverability: forms within a campaign email may be considered as spam;

  • display: the main email clients do not display form scripts in emails (particularly gmail and outlook 2007).

We therefore recommend that you include a call to action or a link to your landing page.

There are many advantages to redirecting to a landing page:

  • Your Plezi contacts from imports will be identified when they click on the email (by associating their email address with their cookies);

  • This is an opportunity to better qualify your contacts by asking them more questions;

  • The more visits you generate on your landing page (if it's indexed), the better for your SEO 😃

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