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How to post on LinkedIn?
How to post on LinkedIn?

Everything you need to know to post on social networks directly from Plezi

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Things to know about posting on LinkedIn:

If you post a message containing only a link, it will appear as follows on LinkedIn. A preview of the page associated with the link will be automatically created. This is based on the Open Graph data of your page. You can change the title;

If you post a message, it will appear like the image below, however if you prefer to use the description of your article, and have it automatically put in, I advise you to double click on the preview button 📤

If, in addition to the link, you add an image to your post, it will appear as follows. The preview of the article will be replaced by the photo associated with your post. It is possible to add several pictures to your post. NB: the image must be less than 2MB. For the ideal size, Linkedin recommends 350x260px.

Good to know!

  • It is not possible to tag people on LinkedIn, from Plezi ;

  • You can post an image in a Gif format, but we do not recommend it: it will be small, frozen and placed on the right side of the article. You will have to click on this gif to open it in a new tab and be animated.

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