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How to post on Facebook?
How to post on Facebook?

Everything you need to know to post on Facebook directly from Plezi.

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What you should know about posting on Facebook:

  • Facebook does not allow posting to personal accounts from tools such as Plezi. You can only publish on company pages.

  • On Facebook, no preview is possible either... My advice: create a test profile :)

  • If you put a URL in the post, it will disappear in favour of a link in FB format: a large clickable image (the one defined in the OG tag) and the title of your content:

  • If you add an image AND a link, the image will appear in a large format (width of the publication) and the link will be placed just above it:

  • Can't remember who published a post? Look at the caption: if you read "published by Plezi" then your post is from the App. Otherwise, you'll see "Published by + page admin name":

Good to know!

  • It is possible to choose an image in GIF format. However, you will need to add a small text; Note: we do not recommend this, as the image is frozen on Facebook;

  • It is not possible to tag someone on Facebook.

  • When promoting on Facebook, your thumbnail does not appear on the Plezi pop-up? This is due to a new Facebook security standard: links on cache servers are disabled. So we get the direct URL from Facebook, but it takes a while to load

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