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The loading time of Plezi scripts
The loading time of Plezi scripts

Average script loading time and some good practices for loading multiple scripts

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Average loading time

In general, our tracking script takes between 90 and 100 milliseconds to load. If you notice a spike in loading time, it may be due to :

A slowdown on your site's server- A slowdown on your internet connection- The scripts on your page are not loading properly

Inserting several scripts on your site, best practices!

Asynchronous for your scripts that are slow to load

If you insert several scripts in your site, the best way to do it is to do it asynchronously for your slow scripts. Add the *async* attribute on the slow tags that have no dependencies.

Load your scripts on click and not on page load

Let's say you have several forms in modal windows that are displayed when the user clicks on various buttons on your page.

There is no need to load them all on display but instead load them when the user clicks on the button.

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