Plezi and PipeDrive integration

Connect your CRM to Plezi to synchronize all your contact information! We reveal you all the steps to follow with Pipedrive.

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Pipedrive CRM token:Go to your Pipedrive account and click on Settings, then on the API tab. A new tab will open and you can get the token already generated by Pipedrive when creating the account.

Pipedrive CRM URL:This is the URL dedicated to you by Pipedrive. It’s in the form For example, for Plezi it’s:

  Once you have completed these two elements, you can click on “Update your configuration”.

Synchronisation stages 

1/ Think about the which Pipedrive fields you want to load in Plezi, and vice-versa
2/ Make sure you have the Pipedrive fields in Plezi
3/ Make sure you have Plezi fields in Pipedrive 

Fields that you must create in Pipedrive:

  • plezi_url (“text-type field").  This allows your sales rep to go directly to the contact’s Plezi record 

  • sync_to_plezi (“single option”-type field with/without value).  This allows you to select contacts in the CRM that will be imported into Plezi. By default, it’s up to you to decide the value that will be attributed to this field for all contacts Those that are ticked “yes” will be imported. 

  • source ("texte"-type field) This is the online source of the lead (direct, referral, etc.). This field will be completed by Plezi.

Special Plezi fields to create in Pipedrive if you want to send this information (unidirectional):

  • score (text-type field). This is the score of the lead calculated in Plezi (0 to 50) => it’s called the “behaviour_score” in Plezi

  • status(text-type field). This corresponds to the status of the lead identified in Plezi (Closed, Accepted, Engaged etc.) => this is called the “state” in Plezi

Please note: 

  • By default, Pipedrive has a single Name field that allows you to fill in the first and last name of the contact (e.g Name: Lucile Rivière). When creating a Pipedrive --> Plezi contact, the contact will arrive with the first word (e.g. Lucile) in the Plezi First Name field, the second word (e.g. Rivière) in the Plezi Surname ==> managed automatically by Pipedrive

  • Mapping the fields first_name and last-name is already done, so you don’t have to touch this. This configuration will allow you to identify the first name and surname and load it in Plezi (mechanism described above). 

  • Plezi contacts must have a first name and surname to get to Pipedrive (imposed by Pipedrive). A Plezi contact without these elements will be rejected during the synchronisation to Pipedrive.

  • As soon as you modify your Plezi forms, we strongly recommend that these first name and surname fields be mandatory.

4/ Map contacts in Plezi by activating the fields and directions of your choice. 

> The mandatory Plezi fields appear in the mapping page but are disabled. You don’t have to touch these and can leave them disabled.

> You can put non-mandatory, special Plezi fields (score, status) in the Plezi --> direction only, to send this data to your CRM. 

> The score field must be mapped with the Plezi fieldbehaviour_score and the status field with the Plezi field state.

Everything will then be in place and all you have to do is start synchronising! 

Tips and Tricks

Here at Plezi, email addresses are unique forms of identification, so there’s no risk of duplicates! But...check for duplicated email addresses in your CRM: if you have two leads with the same email address (but different information), Plezi will update the second lead with the information from the first.

  • You can add and synchronise new fields when you want to. Create equivalences in both tools and return to mapping: the new field will appear in the last position;

  • Automatic synchronisation takes places every two hours as well as each time a form is submitted. It takes into account the changes to contact and the creation of new contacts;

  • If you change a setting (add a field, change a direction etc.) you need to launch a manual synchronisation to update the information;

  • Function field: if it’s a free field in your CRM, only use it in one direction (Plezi > SF), otherwise all the existing functions in your CRM will load in Plezi...and mess it up!

  • The drop-down and multiple-choice lists must be exactly the same in Pipedrive and Plezi.

  • sync_to_plezi : if you want to tick it automatically, you can create a zap or use a workflow proposed in PipeDrive Gold”.

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