What is the "interest" attribute for ?

Discover how to use the "interests" field as a tag to enrich and save time on the qualification of your contacts.

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The interest
In Settings > Contact Qualification, you may have noticed the "Interests" field created by default in your Plezi :

Once defined as a tag on one of your contents, any visitor will be assigned the field "interest" in his contact form if he

  • fills out a form associated with this content ;

  • reads a number of articles from your blog tagged with this info

And this, without having to include this field in your forms.

==> The advantage is to qualify the interests of your contacts according to the content they consume, without even having to ask them the question.  

An example
In our Plezi, the values associated with the field of interest are as follows:

We will assign the tag "Product / Service 1" on one of our ebooks:

When a contact submits a form related to this content, they will automatically be qualified by the interest "Product / Service 1":

Other benefits 

There are two other advantages to using the field of interest: 

  • You have the option to search your contacts by interest, by selecting the interest of your choice in the sidebar of the Contacts tab : 

  • You can also find this information quickly in the "Main View" of your contacts: 

Tips & Tricks

Interests are added to each other so if your contact already has an interest A and you hide interest B, his contact form will integrate the 2: A & B.
To find out more about the information feeds in the multiple choice fields, see our dedicated article.

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