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Know how many leads your content generated
Know how many leads your content generated

How do you know the number of leads, who they are and where they come from for each of your contents?

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Leads generated by a piece of content refer to people that have filled in the form associated with the content, and who were not in your existing contact database.

It is this content that pulled them into Plezi😊

This therefore offers an excellent indicator to measure your content’s ROI.

Knowing the number of leads

Go to your content index, here.
This page already shows you the number of leads (or contacts) generated by content.
Not bad if you want an overall view of your content’s performance!

Who are these leads?

To find out, go to your content and the “Overview” tab”.

Simply click on the number of leads underlined, in the top-right hand corner of your screen:

Plezi will then show you the list of these leads:

To find out more about a particular contact (visit details, qualification etc.) simply click on their name and you will then be able to view the contact record 😊

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