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I want to personalise my emails with the name or company of my contacts
I want to personalise my emails with the name or company of my contacts

Do you want to address your recipient in the subject or body of your email? It's possible, thanks to the merge fields.

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To send your campaign email personally to your contacts, simply indicate the field you want to retrieve from their contact record (First name, Last name, Title) and insert it as a merge field.

No need to know how to code! Plezi creates this little merge field for you and suggests it in two places in your campaign editor.

  • To add the field in the subject of your email

    Ex. Maud, discover inbound marketing In the 1st tab "Campaign" > Email subject: just click on the blue button "+ fields" and choose the field of your choice.

  • To add the field in the body of your email

    Ex. Hello Maud, When you click on your text block, the word processor window appears. Select the field of your choice in "Fields".

It's as simple as that!

When you make your test mailing, you can choose a contact to use for filling in the dynamic field. This is the contact information that you will find in your test mailing.

Good to know!

  • You can combine fields! For example: Title and Name (Mr Smith) or First Name and Last Name (John Smith).

  • If some of your contacts don't have the field filled in (e.g. a contact with no title), Plezi will replace it with a blank.

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