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How do I manage my webinar registrations / participations via Zapier?
How do I manage my webinar registrations / participations via Zapier?

Connect Plezi to your webinar platform to drive your marketing efforts. Here's how to link Plezi to your webinar tool.

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Before starting:

  • Here is the list of webinar tools available on Zapier. The main ones: GoToWebinar, Livestorm, WebinarJam, etc. 

  • Creating a Zapier account only takes a few minutes. For fewer than five zaps, the free version is all you need. Otherwise, take a look at their offers.  

Why is it a good idea to link Plezi to my webinar tool? 

You can save your forms/landing pages to promote your webinars:

  • you no longer need to ask your contacts to register on your webinar platform;

  • nor do you need to spend time importing/exporting files between the tools. 

You thereby benefit directly from Plezi’s features: 

  • to better qualify and convert your contacts: by using intelligent fields, field pre-filling and an effective landing-page design;

  • for a better overview of all your registrations: on Plezi you’ll find statistics on visits, conversions and, above all, new leads generated by your webinar

  • to better manage your email campaigns: automatic thank-you emails following registration, reminder emails for those that haven’t registered, emailing webinar recordings etc. 

  • to score the behaviour of your contacts: upon registration and participation! 

Follow the steps below to link Plezi to your webinar platform using the example of GoToWebinar, which we use at Plezi (please note that using GoToWebinar with Plezi is not free):

 We use two zaps, which each have a different objective:
1.Plezi --> GoToWebinar: to load registrants;
2.GoToWebinar --> Plezi: to load participants in Plezi, in the form of an event.

1. Loading Plezi registrations in GoToWebinar

1.Create your Offer content in Plezi, corresponding to your next webinar;
2.Publish a landing page associated with this content, with your Plezi form;
3.Don’t forget to score your content and establish the workflow of your form: internal alert, transactional email etc.
4.Create your event in GoToWebinar;
5.Launch yourself on your ZAP: 

  • TRIGGER: Plezi - Contacts by content dowloaded. In "Edit options", you must then enter the name of your content. 

  • ACTION: GoToWebinar - Create registrant. In “Edit template”, you must then enter which fields to map between Plezi and GoToWebinar (surname, first name, email and company are sufficient). 

Warning⚠️: by default, your webinar platform will send an automatic email to each new registrant. Go to your webinar settings to make sure you don’t duplicate your emails sent from Plezi. 

2. Loan GoToWebinar participations in Plezi

1.Create your Zap: 

  • TRIGGER: GoToWebinar - New Attendee. 

==> In "Edit options", enter the name of your next GoToWebinar event 

  • ACTION: Plezi - Add event to contact. 

==> In "Edit template", connect your ‘email’ fields in the two tools, then: 

  • Describe the event as it will appear in the history of your Plezi contact: e.g. “took part in the webinar” 

  • Fill in the number of points that you want to associate with this event in the contact’s record. 

This way you give your webinar participants slightly higher scoring compared to simple registrants. ✔️

Do not attribute a score, put 0 and launch your zap. 

Finalise your zap and launch it (ON), before your webinar). 

Once the webinar has passed, this is what you’ll find on your contacts’ records in Plezi for those who participated: 

To go even further: 

  • Discover all the best practices of our marketing team by watching this video (french only): How do I get more than 100 participants each month at your B2B marketing webinars?

  • Note: this zap needs to be created before your webinar, to ensure that each new participant is fed through to Plezi the minute after your webinar. If your webinar has already passed, you can instead use a Google Spreadsheet --> Plezi zap. 

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