• To create a list, take a look here. 

It may be that a field is either: 

  • completed for some of your contacts;

  • and not for others.

For example, if your contact-request form includes the field “Company”, but your newsletter-subscription form does not.

The method for excluding contacts with a certain field filled-in differs depending on the type of field: 

  • multiple-selection / drop-down list 

  • vs. all others that are filled in “manually”. 

To check the type of field concerned, take a look around Contact qualification, 2nd column: 

Multiple-selection or drop-down list-type field 

An example: you want to exclude the function “Human Resources” from your list.  It’s simple: Within your list, simply choose the following condition:
Contact property > Function > Is Different > "Sales Management"

All other types of field (e.g. Text on one or more lines) 

An example: you want to exclude contacts from the Company “Plezi”. 

This time there are several stages: 

  1. 1.Within your list, first choose the following condition: Contact property > Company > does not contain > “Plezi” 

  2. 2.Then, add an “or” condition by clicking the pink button with the cross in the top right. 

  3. 3.Add the following condition:  Contact property > Company > is not filled-in 

The list will therefore include all other companies OR those for which the company field is not filled in. 

What's next? 

Once the list has been created, you simply just save it ;) 

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