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I want to add a video to my e-mail campaign, is this possible?
I want to add a video to my e-mail campaign, is this possible?

Find out why this is not recommended and how to do it differently ;)

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Is this possible?

The integration of a video within an email campaign is NOT recommended, for several reasons.

  • Misinterpretation of email clients: only 2/3 of email clients accept the integration of videos in the body of an email. Gmail, which is mostly used, is not one of them; neither are Outlook and Yahoo. This is why you will probably end up with an empty space or a black block during your test sendings;

  • Impossibility to monitor clicks on the video: in case the integration is effective, it would not be possible to know the clicks on this video in the reports of your email campaign. A click on a link or an image, redirecting to the online video, is on the other hand, the kind of information you could get;

  • Not mobile responsive without reviewing the code: the format of a video embedded within an email would hardly be "mobile responsive" without reviewing some attributes of the video code;

  • Think about the objective of your campaign: to allow viewing of a video or to redirect to a landing page / blog post? If the latter is your ultimate goal, with a video player in your email, you risk attracting attention in the wrong place and losing clicks on your redirect link.


However, we offer two options for redirecting your readers to your online video:

  1. Put a hyperlink on a screenshot of your video

The + : great for keeping your video proposition (and therefore, for highlighting your content) and for generating traffic to your video channel or website.

This is what Google does, as it has understood the importance of generating views on YouTube ;)

However, be careful not to insert too large an image in the body of your email, so as not to exceed the image/text ratio of 1:3. 2. Add a text such as "Watch the video here".

The + : The use of the hyperlink in the form of text is to reduce the attention on the video and to favour the attention on the objective of your email. For example, redirecting to a landing page / blog post.

Good to know!

  • You can include a video player in a landing page, as described in this article. No deliverability concerns here ;)

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