How does Plezi track a contact on my site?

I hear about cookies, about reconciling with my email... but finally, how does it work? Let's take a look at it in this article.

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When you place the Plezi tracking link on your website, we are able to place a cookie on the browser of each of your visitors. But until we reconcile the email with that cookie, we can't associate the two. We therefore create "ghost visitors" 👻 which we store in our databases until we can formally identify them.

The principle for associating a cookie (= ghost visitor) and a contact is as follows:

  • The person must fill in a form;

  • The person has to click on an email sent to them from Plezi & which takes them to a page on the site where the tracking link is located.

The great news is that Plezi gives you a retroactive view of your contacts! Once that person is identified, you'll see everything they did before that identification :)

Tips & Tricks!

  • If you only do test emails, Plezi does not reconcile your email with the cookie;

  • We don't store the contact information in the cookie, only an identifier;

  • The cookie also allows us to offer you automatic pre-filling of your forms.

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