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Placing a form on your site is good, increasing its conversion is better!

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You write articles regularly and rely on your blog to generate traffic. And you are right! For this, your newsletter will be effective because :

  • You will only deal with the pains, issues and objections encountered by your (future) customers: you will therefore meet a need and excite your readers, while establishing your expertise in the subject;

  • Google loves return visitors: those who, intrigued by your newsletter, will keep coming back to your blog. Google will therefore identify it as quality content that is regularly updated and make it appear in its search engine.

Your second challenge is therefore to increase your newsletter subscription rate, and to do this :

Be clear

  • Explicitly ask your visitors to subscribe;

  • Tell them how often they will receive the newsletter;

  • Suggest the interest they will find there.

Place this form in several places on each of your pages

  • In the first position of your sidebar;

  • At the beginning / end of your articles;

  • In a pop-up (appearing a few seconds after landing on the page, or when your visitor scrolls, or goes to the exit);

  • In the welcome frame (image that replaces the header of your site).

Tips & Tricks !

  • To add a pop-up using the Plezi form, go through Boxzilla and use Zapier to pull up the information in Plezi!

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