How to publish a newsletter form online?

Win subscribers by offering a short and impactful form, available in several locations on your pages

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  • To create your form template, take a look here!


  • Have you created your newsletter?

  • Where did you create a “Subscription” (Configuration > Subscription)? In fact, your visitors can be subscribed either to Plezi’s “automatic” newsletter or to another (sent periodically at the time of an email campaign: a quarterly results presentation email, for example). (Article coming soon...)

The aim is for people to subscribe to the newsletter so they regularly return to visit your blog.

Plezi therefore recommends that you create a short form: only the email address and possible choices if you have created several subscription options.

This form can be placed in several locations:

  • In the footer of your home page

  • On your blog: between your articles and/or in the right-hand column

Inserting and modifying a subscription form in your newsletter

  1. Go to “Configuration > Form Template” and create or adapt your “Newsletter” form;

2. This form generally includes two fields (mandatory):

- The “Email” field

- The “Subscription” field (only if you offer several choices, otherwise do not insert this field)

- Possibly a “First name” field.

3. Confirm this form’s workflow: thank-you and automatic subscription message (if you only have one newsletter, in which case you don’t need the “Subscription” field);

4. Go to your “Content” tab and add new content;

5. Name the “Newsletter” and indicate that it’s an “Offer”;

6. Save by clicking on "Create content" and go to the “Publication” tab;

7. Click on “New web form”, give it a title and choose the previously created template;

8. Confirm they layout and workflow – check that you have subscribed it to your newsletter;

9. Copy the script from the “Publish” tab and paste it in the right place on your site / blog.

Tips & Tricks!

  • Newsletter-subscription forms have no associated scoring (there’s little at stake) and no tag.

  • If you only have one newsletter, you don’t need to include the field “Subscription” and must add an automatic subscription to the workflow of this form in order for the visitor to be added to this newsletter’s distribution list.

  • If you want your contacts to tick (or have ticked by default) to subscribe to your newsletter or you have several subscription options: you must add this field “Subscription” that will offer your contacts the opportunity to tick/untick your newsletter.


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