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How do I create my webform templates?
How do I create my webform templates?

Create as many templates as you want and generate as many forms as you need to collect as much information as possible about your contacts

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The form templates will be used to promote your content: they must therefore be designed to be associated with each stage of the buying cycle. The further the visitor progresses in the tunnel, the more information Plezi will ask them, so for general content, a few "broad" questions will suffice, and Plezi will refine the questions in the next form.

You need to define your questions according to what you want to be able to do next: segment your base, identify qualified contacts, and nurture them through intelligent campaigns.

It's important to use fields that are defined as "tags" for your content, so that Plezi can build personalised scenarios for each of your contacts. For example, adding a "Persona" to your form associated with the "Discovery" or "Evaluation" stages will then allow Plezi to automatically send targeted content in the smart campaign.

Plezi has created 4 templates, which you can use or modify. Their formatting can be adapted to each of your pages afterwards.

Create or modify a form template

2. Choose a form or click on "+ Form".

3. Give it a label (only visible to you);

4. Choose the fields to be added:

  • Either in the fields displayed by default ;

  • Or in the smart fields: these fields will be displayed when the default smart fields have already been filled in during a previous visit by the contact.

5. You can change the field settings:

  • Hide labels, make certain fields mandatory, etc.;

  • Add your own validation rules

  • Choose some fields as 'smart fields': once filled in, they will be substituted by others (see step 4).

6. Custom the webform with the Display tab;

7. Customise your workflow:

  • The thank you message or redirection to a URL of your choice;

  • Sending an internal alert: you will receive an email detailing the completed form and the contact's history;

  • Sending an email to your contact - Plezi will configure the "Name", "Sender email" and "Subject" fields by default when you use this template; - You can choose an email template (to charter this one); - The text appearing in the footer editor will replace the "merge" block that you added to the email template

  • You can automatically subscribe contacts to the newsletter of your choice.

Good to know!

  • All forms must be linked to a piece of content: add them to the "Publish" tab of that content. Without this step, Plezi can't associate scoring and you can't track your leads;

  • If you hide the field label, remember to place a placeholder

  • The smart fields will be displayed in the order they appear in this space (depending on the number of fields to be replaced);

  • If you modify, add or delete a field in this template, this modification will automatically be applied to all the forms that use this template;

  • The layout of a form template can be customised in each of the forms put online;

  • If you check "do not insert inline CSS" in the "Formatting" tab, the form will be subject to your style sheet;

  • Newsletter subscription forms do not have an associated scoring (because there is little at stake). You will need to add an automatic subscription to the workflow of this form so that the visitor is added to the mailing list of the chosen newsletter;

  • To prevent robots, Plezi places a hidden field in your form. A robot will automatically fill it in and this will prevent the form from being submitted. Clever :)

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