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How do I create and use Plezi contact lists?
How do I create and use Plezi contact lists?

Segment your contacts in Plezi easily! Understand the two types of lists in Plezi, create a smart list and learn how to use it.

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  • To create a contact list in Plezi, take a look here!


  • This may be a dumb question but… do you have contacts in Plezi?

These lists will help with sending your emails, automation scenarios, database extractions etc.

1. What are the two types of list on Plezi?

  • Static lists are lists that are imported into Plezi.

  • Smart lists are lists created in Plezi.

To summarize :
A static list can be created when you carry out an import. It only includes the contacts in your import file.

Lists created under the “Marketing > Contact Lists” tab are smart lists. These are dynamic:

  • If a contact corresponds to certain criteria, it is added to a list;

  • If it no longer corresponds to these criteria, it is removed from a list.

2. To create a smart list:

  1. Go to the “Marketing” tab, then “Contact lists”;

2. Click on “+ Contact list”;

3. Name your list;

4. Choose your first sorting criteria by selecting:

Contact property to segment according to contact fields (including those you have created);

  • Content to segment according to content visits, this being the fact of visiting a certain page.

You can also segment according to a form submission, either on your site or on a landing page;

  • Email to segment according to the receipt of, opening of or click on a certain email;

  • Web tracking to segment according to the number of visits to a badged page;

  • Workflow to identify contacts that are present (or not) in this automation tool

  • Scoring to segment according to your contacts’ score.

  • Program to identify contacts present (or not) and the reasons why they have been removed.

5. Complete the information for your first criteria, then add some if needed.

  • The “+” at the bottom of your list lets you add criteria that will be added to your previous rules. This therefore becomes an “AND

  • The “+” next to your list lets you add criteria that can replace your previous rules.

It therefore allows you to create a list of contacts meeting your first criteria “OR” your other criteria.

To finish the creation of your list by clicking on “Create the list”.

How do I use smart lists?

  • To send an email campaign or a workflow from Plezi, you need to choose the list that determines the target recipients.

  • You can also export lists to get precise information (contacts having downloaded a certain form, for example).

  • Additionally, in the “Contacts” tab, you can find your lists in order to segment your database.

Why are three values displayed?

You have decided to segment your database and have used contact lists. But yet you have three figures in front of you: what do they each correspond to?

Here's how these numbers are computed :

  • Contacts : all contacts with an email address provided OR contact added manually

  • Email addresses : contacts with an email address provided 

  • Optin emails : contacts with an email address provided  AND Opt-in = Yes AND Moved (aka not found at this address) = No 

The latter thus indicates the amount of people you will be able to address in tour future email campaigns.

Tips and Tricks!

  • If you select two contact lists for sending an email, a contact found on both lists will only receive the email once.

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