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How to customize a thank you message?

A form filled in by a visitor? Say thank you :)

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  • To set up your thank you messages, click here!

The thank you message appears in place of your form, on the page that hosted it. It confirms to your contact that the form is being processed. When a visitor submits a form, you can redirect them to a URL or display a thank you message. To customise this message, go to "Configuration > Thank you messages". You can create a new message or edit the already existing ones via its HTML code.

To edit a thank you message, use jsfiddle to preview the changes made to its code.

How do I use jsfiddle?

2. Paste the code of your message into the "HTML" section at the top left of the screen;

3. Click on "Run";

4. Your message will be displayed in the "Result" section on the bottom right. Change the code of your thank you message as you wish.

5. When you are satisfied with the result, paste the new code into Plezi, still in "Configuration > Thank you message".

Tips & Tricks!

  • If you redirect to a page after submitting a form, add a thank you message on the page in question. Otherwise, your visitor may have doubts about whether your form is working properly.

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