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How do I add a new user?
How do I add a new user?

Do you want to create a new account in Plezi? Well done, your team is expanding! Here is how to add a new user within your Plezi account.

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  • Do you have the full name and email address of your new user?

What are the different roles in Plezi?

  • An “administrator" can create (or change the settings of) other users

  • A “Marketing” role grants access to all tabs in Plezi

  • A “Sales” role only grants access to the “Contacts” tab in Plezi.

To add a new user:

  1. Go to the “Configuration” tab, and the “Users”;

  2. Click on “User”E

  3. Enter the surname, first name and email address of your user. You can also add an avatar for them, then select their role (marketing or sales);

  4. Determine if they are an administrator or not;

  5. Finally, click on “Create”. The new user will then receive their Plezi access codes by email.

Tips and Tricks!

  • To remove a user’s access to Plezi, you need to untick the box “Active”.

  • Suggest to your user that they change their password when they first log in (the password generated by Plezi being so similar to Nasa’s nuclear codes, they’re quite tricky to remember);

  • Agencies: a user needs to be an “Administrator” of your Plezi “Agency” to automatically be recreated by your clients.

  • Agencies: if you create a new user in a client’s interface, they will only have access to this interface.

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