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What do I do if my blog posts no longer load in Plezi?
What do I do if my blog posts no longer load in Plezi?

Uh oh! I can’t find my latest blog posts and I’ve received an email from Plezi asking me to reactivate my RSS feed.

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Blog-post imports via the RSS feed take place every 30 minutes. If you don’t see your latest posts on Plezi, there are two possible reasons:

  • Reason 1: You have published a blog post within the last 30 minutes ---> You can carry out a manual synchronisation;

  • Reason 2: Your RSS feed has been disabled --> Check it and reactivate it.

Now, let’s explain!

Reason 1: Carry out a manual synchronisation

  1. Ensure that the On/Off button in the column “Automatic Import” is green.

  2. So that your articles load more quickly, click on the arrows to the right of your RSS feed.

Reason 2: Re-activate the RSS feed

It is possible that at the time of synchronisation, your web server was not responding because it was busy. This does happen from time to time; the next attempt often works. 😅

If this occurs three times (that is 90 minutes later), we disable the RSS feed import and send you an email to let you know.

It’s for you that we do this: three unsuccessful attempts are often a sign of a change in your RSS feed, preventing the uploading of your blog posts to Plezi.

To solve this, we suggest that you:

1. Try to reactivate the existing RSS feed by pressing the On/Off switch.

If this works, great! You can stop there. 👌🏻

2. If it is not possible to activate it, check the RSS feed provided in the first column of the table: 

  • Does the URL still correspond to the RSS feed present on your site?- 

  • Has the RSS feed been deleted?

If you don’t know, you can:

  • Compare the URL given in Plezi with the URL on your site (to find it, follow this article - COMING SOON)

  • Enter the URL given in Plezi in your browser. If the RSS feed exists, you’ll be taken to the following type of page:

Don’t hesitate to contact your technical department to understand what could have changed on your RSS feed.

Once the RSS feed has been checked, you can reactivate the Plezi import by clicking the On/Off button and by making sure it has turned green ✅ . 

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