To configure your contact list in Plezi, take a look here!


  • Have you already sent an email?

  • Have you prepared your new email?

Sending an email to a contact list that’s already been used (not opened, clickers, openers etc.) is done is two stages within Plezi:

  1. Segmenting the list that you used previously;

  2. Creating a new email (starting from the same content) and associating it with this list.

To create your “new” contact list

1. Go to the “Contact list”;

2. Create a new list;

3. Choose “Email”;

4. Identify the desired segmentation;

5. Choose the campaign email from the list;

6. This was the trickiest part 😉

Create your new email

1. Choose the content from which the first email was sent, and go to the “Promotion” tab;

2. Duplicate the initial campaign by clicking on “+” and choose “copy an existing campaign”;

3. Make all the changes that you think are necessary;

4. In the “Send” tab, insert your new contact list;

5. Off you go!

Tips and Tricks!

It’s an email’s subject that gets people to open it. Try adapting it to test a new hook!

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