In this article you will learn how to add a field to your contacts, this can help you for example to add information about a participation in a fair, or about the allocated budget.

  • To add a contact field, take a look here!
  • You can also follow our online step-by-step guide to help you create your field 😊


  • Have you thought about which fields to import into Plezi? They need to be able to segment your database: Plezi is not a CRM 😊
  • This will allow you to add these fields to your form templates. To create a form, read this article.

These fields will enable you to match the information contained in your database. They can be customised because Plezi’s starting list is not exhaustive.

To create a new field:

  1. Click on “Configuration > Contact Qualification”;
  2. Click on “Add a field”;
  3. Enter the field name in the language used by Plezi where you are;
  4. Choose the “Field type”.



You also have the option to make it a tag. This means making it appear in your content’s identity record.

This therefore lets you choose who the content is intended for, and Plezi uses this type of information to then automatically build automated marketing scenarios.

If you have chosen a “List”, or “Multiple Choice”-type field, you need to add which values to choose:

  1. Go to “Contact qualification – Values lists”;
  2. Select which field to edit;
  3. Add the values that this field may take;
  4. Confirm


Watch the video guide:


Tips and Tricks!

  • ⛔️ The choice “Field type” will no longer be editable;
  • These new fields will be visible in the section “Customised attributes” under the contact “Qualification” tab (at the bottom of the page);
  • If you use the option “Exclusive Tag” for this field, only contacts with this field will automatically receive the associated content;
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