1. Go to the “Publication” tab for your content and click on “Landing Page”;

2. Choose the title of this landing page (only visible by you) and the source of its template;

3. Customise it using our editor;

4. Choose your form by clicking on the block of your choice, then by identifying the form in “Element Settings”;

5. Complete and/or validate the information provided in the “Landing Page” tab;

6. Actions to carry out after a form is submitted. Choose from one of the following:

  • The thank-you message or redirection to a URL of your choice.
  • Sending a possible internal alert: you’ll receive an email detailing the form filled in and any contact history;
  • Sending an email to your contact:- By default, Plezi configures the field “Last name”, “Sender’s email”, and message “Subject”: you’re free to change them;- You can choose an email template (to edit its visual identity). This email template must be configured in “Configuration > Email templates”; The text that appears in the editor at the bottom of the page will replace the “merge” block that you will have added to the email template.

7. You can automatically subscribe contacts to the newsletter of your choice.

Another option: use a form to publish your white paper online!

Tips and Tricks!

  • The form’s appearance (colours, size, borders etc.) can be customised directly in your landing page;
  • The thank-you message will appear in the place of the form on your page and must be configured in “Configuration > Thank-you messages”. Whether you choose a message or page-redirection depends on how your customer journey is structured. This must be consistent and offer new content, for example;
  • The email template must be configured in “Configuration > Email templates”;
  • If you do not choose an email template, this will take the form of “plain text”, but will be designed with a width of 600px and a left-hand margin;
  • If you choose not to send an email after a form is submitted, consider making your eBook available for download at a redirection URL (point 6.1);
  • The next step is promoting your white paper on social networks, through an email campaign, CTAs or sponsored links.
  • For a responsive landing page, consider adding a width of 100% of your page in the first editing tab.
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