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What's new in your workflows in 2020? ⭐️
What's new in your workflows in 2020? ⭐️
Adding points, demographic scoring, time and day slots, sorting, shortcuts... we explain it all!
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✏️ What's changing, concretely:

  • The addition of sorting in the Automation tab

  • A new action block : scoring

  • The customization of the time and day slot in the "delay" block

  • New shortcuts to create your emails

  • The most common errors avoided

1. Find your workflows more easily

Getting lost in your workflow? We have implemented a new way to classify your workflows:

  • By title (alphabetical order);

  • By status (Draft, Published, Arrested);

  • By date last published, stopped at or created at.

The years are now displayed, so that you can find your way through time 😉.

2. Give points to contacts in your workflow

Many of you asked for it, we listened to you and added a new action block: scoring!

🤓 Here's how you could use it:

  • Demographic scoring: give more points to your persona or business email addresses;

  • Forwarding: pass on a mass of contacts to your CRM, or only the primary contacts for your sales people (e.g. prospects with an imminent project).

  • Behavioural scoring: give more points to your contacts at the end of their workflows to signal their commitment.

📘 More details in the dedicated article.

3. Customize delays

The "delay" block is changing: you can now define time and day slots to move to the next action.

🤓 Some examples of use :

  • Avoid harassing your contacts: decide not to launch your actions on the days of your regular communications (newsletter, smart campaign);

  • Reach out to leads when they are more active: set the sending of emails during the week and during the day;

  • Avoid alerting sales representatives when they are busy: for example during their outbound prospecting slots.

📘 More details in the dedicated article.

4. Create your emails more easily

No need to start from scratch. You will now find ALL your emails when duplicating existing ones (including those created via your manual campaigns).

And since you're going to be getting a lot more emails, we're helping you figure it out:

  • by displaying the full title of your emails as you pass your mouse over them;

  • allowing you to go to the next step, without having to go aaaall the way down the page! ⏬

5. Don't fall for it again

After several years of use, we have listed the most common user errors and put rules in place so that you don't make them again.

⛔️ It is now impossible to :

  • Link the sending of an email to the email condition: give a few days to your contacts to give them time to check their email inbox;

  • Separate a condition into 3 branches: "One way, or the other", and that's it!

  • Start an action in 2 branches;

  • Go and check out the new features for yourself and tell us what you thought, by voting on the article!

🤫 Psst: You haven't gotten into workflows yet? It's this way!

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