Please note that if you are already a customer and your Plezi is already configured, you will not be able to send emails and your landing pages will no longer be accessible until you notify us of the change.
> Think of warning us beforehand to reduce it to 5 min :)

Note: you can always check the propagation status of your DNS records here:

In order to switch your landing page to HTTPS, Plezi generates a free certificate via LetsEncrypt, which is auto-renewable every 3 months and has a security level of A.

A modification of your DNS will be necessary :

If you already have the DNS entries requested by Plezi at onboarding, make the following modification :

  • If you choose to also change the HTTPS for your emails, change the DNS entry for the Sendgrid tracking links, to point to the following IP:

  • Let us know when it’s all good on your end at:
    > As long as the action has not been taken on our side, your LPs and/or emails will be blocked.

If you don’t already have the DNS entries requested by Plezi at the time of onboarding, you need to modify the following elements :

  • Add a CNAME entry whose host is the sub-domain of your LandingPage and whose data is the following URL:

  • Add the DNS entries related to the email sending as you will be asked during the onboarding.

  • Have us validate the setting up of the records, the initial HTTP configuration must be validated by SendGrid, then transform the following record in a second step : CNAME to CNAME Following the propagation of the redirection, we will have SendGrid activate HTTPS for the tracking of links in your emails (allow 24/48 hours).

Please note: there is one last way to generate a certificate, if you prefer to generate a specific certificate. In this case, we will ask you for some information in order to send you a CSR file to enable you to provide us with a wildcard certificate.

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