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How do I connect a SumoMe form to Plezi?
How do I connect a SumoMe form to Plezi?
How do you use a SumoMe form and make sure the information goes back into Plezi? Here is the trigger and the actions to take.
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  • Create your form in SumoMe.

  • Sign up to Zapier. The free version is all you need to create this zap.

  • Create a specific form in Plezi.You need to create a new offer from the “Content” tab, and associate it with a form template. Note: All the fields for which you send a value from your SumoMe form must have their counterpart in the specific form created in Plezi.

First step: the trigger

1.Log in to your Zapier account and create a new zap.
2.Select "SumoMe" as a trigger application.
3.Select the action “New Email Subscriber”.
4.Connect your SumoMe account. To do this:

Login to and go to your site editor. Select "Integration" in the SumoMe plug-in.

  • Then select “Zapier”.

  • You have to copy the link provided by Zapier here:

  • Save. 

  5. Test this step and then go to the action. 

Second step: the action

1.Select "Webhooks by Zapier".
2.Choose “GET”.
3.The following step consists in configuring your template. 

All the fields sent from the SumoMe form must have an equivalent in the Plezi form.

To the left you must put: 

  • form_id

  • content_web_form_id

  • tenant_id

  • ma_cle_d_identification_plezi

  • etc.

The first pieces of information to add to the right are available directly in the script of your Plezi form:  

You will then get: 

The other identification keys are available by clicking on your field-edit button. The key then appears in the URL. This is the following part, for example 504346b06261640006690000.

    4. Test this step and continue. 

You can then activate your zap :)


  • Depending on your Zapier subscription, you need to wait for a certain time before you see your contacts appear.You can, however, activate your zap by clicking on the right-hand arrow, and then on “Run”. 

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